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Medicinal Belly Dance

medicinal belly dancePeople go to dance classes or meet ups for so many different reasons. This may be assistance to the body, mental health, lifestyle, social aspects, and spiritual health.

belly danceBelly dance as therapy is a holistic concept. Through dance, the nervous system can be relaxed or stimulated depending on the way it is danced, and this can be balancing for whatever state the person is in. The nervous system runs all throughout our body just as meridians within the energetic bodies do, connections and communication that happens within us that gives us the capability to function.

Some may use belly dance as a form of mental health therapy. It can be supportive in managing depression and releasing harmful chemicals that build up when we feel trapped in difficult situations by combating them with increased endorphins and Norepinephrine (a substance which can help send signals between the nerve cells). Belly dance can bring great strength to cognitive health and restoration. As we release stress we also help our cellular connections in the Hippocampus to function which allow us to set new memories. So having fun in your belly dance class will allow you to better remember those funky moves!

As dance allows us to release chemicals such as opiate-beta endorphins and dopamine, our brain and body can perceive pain relief. This brings me to the physical therapeutic effects of belly dance which are also immense. It can be used simply to keep active which we are often told 30 minutes of exercise a day is highly beneficial to sustain our fitness, and what better way to keep fit than to do something that is fun and therapeutic at the same time.

traditional belly danceBelly dance has traditionally been utilised by woman to prepare for childbirth. It is helpful because of the way the movements connect the woman to the pelvis and its natural feminine movement. It can strengthen muscles that are required in birth and also the spine which allows the mother to hold her baby (please note that it is best to consult with your GP or midwife first before trying belly dance whilst pregnant).

Weather your intention in dancing is to feel good, connect with others or to heal, dance is traditionally a celebration of life and in healing ourselves we are intending stronger and more powerful living. Whatever your intention is when you dance, remember to have fun!

This article is written to express the benefits of dance as a therapy and is not medical advice. Please consult with your GP or other health professionals prior to undertaking Belly dance as a form of therapy.

Written for Belly Dance Academy Gold Coast by Myst.

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