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Moonlight Hafla 2020

We welcome you to our end of year concert Moonlight Hafla.

This year marks our 9th year where our students present their beautiful work. This Hafla produced by Sheherazade is a celebration for our students, showcasing what they have learned as well as celebrating the year that has been with you, our most valued friends.


Moonlight Hafla 2020

"I started classes with Shira a few months ago, as a friend had told me it might help with some structural issues.

I am over 50 and have one hip that gets very stiff -my osteopath has spent a lot of years wrenching it back into place whenever it goes out.
Belly dance has been amazing for loosening up the stiffness in my hips & lumbar region and I've also found that it's great for relaxing the muscle tension that builds up in my spine around it.

The dance moves are very 'soft' and I've found that if I'm feeling tense and my muscles are starting to seize up,
I wake up the day after class and the tension has melted away. It's very relaxing.

Over the years I have done Iyengar yoga and pilates to help with this & while it's helped, the belly-dance moves
have been much more effective at increasing movement and flexibility in my hips.

Shira is a great teacher and a beautiful spirit. Class is a lot of fun and I am really impressed at the core-strength that it is building. I wish I'd found her ten years ago as I'm sure it would have helped with the hormonal muscle tension that seems to accompany that perimenopausal phase."

Sarah P

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