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Bellydance Activation – An Introduction to Bellydance


This form originates from ancient civilisations; seen through carvings, hieroglyphics and pictures of women expressing themselves through the many diversities of this beautiful dance. There have also been indications in history of bellydance being practised for fertility reasons. This dance was originally by woman for woman, and as a form for pre-childbirth and post-natal exercise. When understood, this makes sense as to why this dance has a strong goddess essence, which can bring great shifts in the femininity of women; even facilitating men being able to tap into their feminine sides. Bellydance is empowering; for female and male for centuries.

At the Bellydance Academy Gold Coast, Shira focuses on the traditional Egyptian style, which is Raqs Sharqi. This style translates to “Oriental Dance” or “Eastern Dance”. This style has grown and changed into being a strong influence in Bellydance communities. Bellydance varies in its expression; from being graceful to emotional, sensual, powerful, illuminating and fun. It allows many to feel physically and spiritually embodied.

Bellydance activates very powerful aspects of being; from the physical to the spiritual. Belly dance is also a great exercise providing many health benefits:

  • It focuses on the breath
  • Improves flexibility, stamina and endurance
  • It brings the heart rate up which helps oxygen and blood circulate into our muscles efficiently
  • Breaks a sweat which allows detox and weight loss
  • It improves co-ordination
  • Tones and strengthens the muscles
  • Strengthens and protects the joints, therefore preserving youth
  • Enhances the posture and spinal health
  • Suitable for all ages

On the physical level, muscles become stronger, more flexible and preserved. The whole body is used in this type of dance in a way that is safe and controlled to avoid injury. Some of the muscles used for bellydance are rarely used in our day to day life, so learning this style of dance is beneficial, encouraging awareness of the whole being. Some of the muscles that are exercised are the:

  • obliques
  • glutes (gluteal muscles)
  • psoas – connects lumbar vertebrae to the femur
  • deepest layer of stomach muscles (transverse abdominals)
  • lower, middle and upper abdominals
  • lower back
  • arms
  • even the wrists and fingers (e.g. the fluid motion of “snake arms”)

At Bellydance Academy Gold Coast, we embrace many of the styles/ genres, both traditional and modern to create an enlivened atmosphere.

Bellydance is absolutely wonderful, for both dancers and audience. An experience that will captivate you with its beauty, fluidity and story through movement. If you are interested in reconnecting to your body and spirit, with a supportive group of woman, through the beautiful art of Bellydance; or see an outstanding show, book an event, make sure to be in contact with Shira at the Bellydance Academy Gold Coast for an experience you will never forget.

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