Welcome to the "Gold Coast Bellydance Academy Australia" proudly presented by Sheherazade.

"Our Mission is to Inspire and Enrich women in the Art and Love of Middle Eastern Belly Dance".

Sheherazade presents professional, dynamic and glamorous, interactive belly dance Arabian themed shows designed to make each unique Wedding, Bridal Shower, Birthday, Corporate Event or any special function a truly memorable and exclusive experience.  

The " Stars of the Sahara Dance Troupe" professional belly dancers of the Academy, are highly recommended and sought after as acclaimed and experienced dancers, available for shows throughout the Gold Coast, Byron Bay, Brisbane,  Queensland and Interstate.

The GC Bellydance Academy offers Classes and Workshops  from Beginners to Advanced levels of belly dance, and welcome all students who may wish to enhance self confidence, flexibility, improved posture, co-ordination as well as core strength.  Belly dance classes on the Gold Coast are conducted in a fun and vibrant atmosphere that promotes greater joy, harmony and engagement with life.  

The Academy's annual belly dance concert, "Moonlight at the Oasis" offers each student an opportunity to showcase their passion and love of dance.

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“It is not the rhythm or the steps that make the dance, but the passion that goes in the souls of those who dance"   -   Augusto Branco


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